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2014 Presentations

January 16 The Internet of Things by Paul Berglund

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2013 Presentations

December 19 rsnapshot by Andrew Latham
November 21 Distro Roundup by Andrew Latham
October 17 Performance Metrics by Steven Lembark
September 19 Post-Strange Loop Dinner with Josh More
August 15 Zentyal by Andrew Latham
July 18 PostgreSQL by Craig Buchek
June 20 Why We're Failing at eMail Privacy and How We Can Improve It by Phil Cryer
May 16 zForth for Raspberry Pi by Bill Zimmerly
April 18 Android by Charlie Sanders
March 21 Apachie CloudStack by Joe Brodemeier
February 21 Meeting Cancelled Due to Bad Weather
January 17 How to Give a Presentation by Craig Buchek

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2012 Presentations

December 20 Introduction to Apache Hadoop by Tom Wheeler, Cloudera
November 15 New Web Technologies: Making the Web Awesome by Craig Buchek
October 18 HIATUS - Joined the LPIC study group session held by Scott Granneman
September 20 HIATUS - Joined the LPIC study group session held by Scott Granneman
August 16 Lean Security by Josh More
July 19 Panel Discussion on Using Social Media to further Linux/FOSS, led by Scott Granneman
June 21 Testing Web Apps with Selenium, Capybara, and Cucumber by Craig Buchek
May 17 Video Configuration and Troubleshooting Session with Lee Lammert and Don Ellis
April 19 NO MEETING - Host Conflict
March 15 OpenWRT - Rebuilding WRT router with Linux by Don Ellis and Lee Lammert
February 17 Managing Xen on SuSE by Noah Lance
January 19 GStreamer Multimedia by Jeff Sigmon

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2011 Presentations

December 15 Things You Don't Learn By Having root Permissions by Jeff Muse
November 17 Android Unix, and the emerging age of Ubiquitous Computing by Ryan Withers
October 20 UNetbootin Install of OpenSuSE 10.4 on Laptops by Don Ellis
September 15 Machine Vision and Facial Recognition by Chris Leighton
August 18 HIATUS - NO Meeting This Month Because of Host Scheduling Conflicts
July 21 Program Managers
First Topic: Yum Repositories Explored by Jeff Muse
Second Topic: Apt Package Tools by Craig Buchek
June 16 Two Programing Languages for Children
First Topic: Scratch by Ryan Brooks
Second Topic: Looking Glass by Paul Gross
May 19 Webalizer by Lee Lammert
April 21 Natural Language Processing by Kevin Scannell
March 17 Social Media and the Egyptian Revolution by Scott Granneman
February 17 Linux for Blind Users by Igor Gueths
January 20 NO MEETING Topic Rescheduled due to Severe Weather

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2010 Presentations

December 16 HAML/SASS/CoffeeScript by Craig Buchek
November 18 Solaris 11 Express update by Bob Netherton
October 21 Postfix by Craig Buchek
September 16 Parallel Computing Using a Linux Cluster by Sanjiv Bhatia and George Gerules
August 19 Comparison of dpkg vs RPM by Jeff Muse
July 15 Discussion of HTML5, wget, and curl facilitated by Craig Buchek
June 17 IT Enterprises, their Open Source Lab, and how SLUUG can help, by William Lemon
May 20 Backing up a Windows machine to Linux by Lee Lammert
April 15 How to teach Linux to newbies by Tony Zafiropulos
March 18 Bonded Network Interface Cards (NICs) by Noah Lance
February 18 OpenGL - Part Two by Jerry Stutte
January 21 Amateur Radio and Linux - Digital Voice via D-Star by Bill Zimmerly and Jim Conley

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2009 Presentations

December 17 Linux From Scratch by Robert Hansen -Sound ( 25MB .wma )
November 19 Recent GNU/Linux Distros by various members
October 15 Virtual Machines in a Production Environment by Carl Fitch and Jim Roe -Sound ( 23MB .wma )
September 17 Redmine by Carl Fitch
August 20 git (A Distributed Version Control System) - by Criag Buchek
using Getting Git slides by Scott Chacon -Sound ( 20MB .wma )
July 16 OpenGL - by Jerry Stutte
Slides to be uploaded when available (sound too).
June 18 Open Source Licensing - What You Need to Know by Craig Buchek
May 21 Patent-Free Codecs (Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, FLAC, Dirac) by Tony Lovasco
April 16 Open Source on the Desktop: Why Not? by Craig Van Slyke and Don Hardaway -Sound ( 56MB .OGG )
March 19 Podcasting and New Media by Mike Wilkerson, 2GuysTalking Podcast Network. - Sound ( 20 MB .wma )
February 19 Mozilla Applications - Miro, Songbird, and Kimodo by Craig Buchek
January 15 Hi-Def and Digital TV by Craig Buchek

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2008 Presentations

December 18 Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Drives by Craig Buchek
November 20 Nexradix™ Linux by Tony Lovasco
October 16 The Do Good Gauge by Scott Nesler - Sound ( 24 MB .WMA )
September 18 Review of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Features by Andrew Jensen
August 21 Open source language technology using statistical methods by Associate Professor Kevin Scannell, PhD.
July 17 Keyboard Kareoake (Tips, Tricks and Favorites) by Various Members
Jun 10 VirtualBox for SuSE & Vista/XP by Jeff Logullo and Lee Lammert
May 15 MythTV by Jason Clark - Sound (24 Mb .WMA)
April 17 Restructuring Home Telephone Services by Don Ellis (PDF 893 Kb)
March 20 Wine Is Not an Emulator (WINE) by Ed Howland - Sound: Part A (WMA 11 MB) Part B (WMA 14 MB)
February 21 Presentation NOT Done - Meeting Canceled - Library Closed Due to Bad Weather
January 17 CakePHP and PHPReports by Scott Nesler

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2007 Presentations

December 20 PHP Best Practices by Craig Buchek - Sound: (WMA 24 MB) - OGG & MP3 available later
November 15 Genetics, DNA, Viruses, Bioinfomatics, Epigenetics, etc. (part 2) by Robert Citek
October 18 Lotus Notes (Client and Server) on Linux by Mike Wissinger of TeamCentric
September 20 ZoneMinder - Linux video camera security and surveillance by Simon Amies
August 16 Podcasting with Audacity by Scott Granneman
July 19 Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About HDTV by Craig Buchek
June 21 Physical Computing with Linux on Microcontrollers by Jason Burke
May 17 Ubuntu GNU/Linux by Jay Truesdale
April 19 Using Distrowatch to Compare Distos by Stan Reichardt and Jay Truesdale
March 15 Survey of GUI Email Clients by Craig Buchek
February 15 Keyboard Time (Tips, Tricks and Favorites) by Various Members
January 18 Floppy Diskettes by Stan Reichardt

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2006 Presentations

December 21 Democracy Player by Craig Buchek
November 16 Follow-up on Logical Volume Management (LVM) by Jeff Muse
October 19 Troubleshooting Linux Problems by Craig Buchek
September 21 Update on SCO v. IBM Lawsuit by Bejamin White
August 17 Personal Accomplishments in Open Source by JT Moree of PC Xperience, Inc.
July 20 Presentation Not Done - Power Outage at Library
June 15 SUSE Linux 10.1 on the Desktop by Matt Skipton of Novell
May 18 Presentation Not Done - Speaker Personal Conflict
April 20 Ruby on Rails by Jeff Barczewski
March 16 Blender by JT Moree of pcXperience
February 16 Financial Apps (GnuCash, MoneyDance) by Craig Buchek
January 19 Exploring Base in 2.x by Stan Reichardt

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2005 Presentations

December 15 QEMU Virtual Machine by Carl Fitch
November 17 Modern Web Design, Part2: AJAX by Craig Buchek
October 20 Modern Web Design (XHTML, CSS, AJAX) by Craig Buchek
September 15 Blogs and RSS Feeds by Dylan Hassinger
August 18 3d Gaming by JT Moree of pcXperience
July 21 Network Services Interoperability by Bryan Smith
June 16 IP Packet Headers - John House
May 19 Using Subversion and OpenLDAP f/Document Repository - Craig A. McElroy
April 21 Distro Circus - Live Linux CDs by Various Members
March 17 Building New SLUUG Servers by Panel of Various Members
February 17 XML by Craig Buchek
January 20
  • SPECIAL: Reflections on Ten Years of Network Time Service by Richard E. Schmidt, U.S. Naval Observatory
  • MAIN: Subversion: Subverting CVS by Craig A. McElroy

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    2004 Presentations

    December 16 Free/Libre Open Source Software Adoption in Puerto Rico by James O'Malley
    November 18 A Personal Journey into Digital Amateur Astronomy by Jim Roe
    October 21 Metro Area LUGs by Various Speakers
    September 16 Mozilla and Firebird by Craig Buchek
    August 19 NASLite by Tim Dreste
    July 15 Asterisk - The Open Source PBX by Jason A. Pattie, pcXperience, Inc.
    June 17 Debian and RPM Package Management by James A. Pattie, CTO of Xperience, Inc.
    May 20 Linux Tricks and Tips by Various LUG Members
    April 15 Novell Commitment To Cross-platform Environments by Evan Bills, Novell
    March 18 Scripting GUI Applications by Craig Buchek
    February 19 Something
    January 15 High Performance Computing by Malcolm Tobias, Washington University

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    2003 Presentations

    December 18 Using Linux at Work by Various LUG Members
    November 20 Sun Java Desktop System by Jeff Logullo
    October 16 DVD Video Editing by James Pattie
    September 18 A Newbie Adventure In Compiling the Kernel by Jim Roe
    August 21 Secure Shell (SSH) by Dustin Anders
    July 17 Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Drives by Craig Buchek
    June 19 POSIX Native Threads in Red Hat 9 by Rich Seibel
    May 15 Something
    April 17 The EMACS and VI Editors by Scott Granneman and Stan Reichardt
    March 20 Desktop Linux by Jonathan Drews
    February 20 MySQL by Josh Mark
    January 16 Web Development Frameworks: Struts, Cocoon, AxKit by Ed Howland

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    2002 Presentations

    December 19 Distro Fever
    November 21 Metro Area User Groups by Various Speakers
    October 17 GUI Design for Non-Programmers by Craig Buchek
    September 19 Linux on Mainframe by Tom Noland and Les Hodge, StorageTek
    August 15 Something
    July 18 Something
    June 20 Mandrake - Linux on the Desktop by Don Head
    May 16 QMail and Friends - The DJB Tools by David Ulevitch
    April 13 Linux Install Fest NO REGULAR MEETING THIS MONTH
    March 21 Open Source Licensing by Scott Granneman, Ed Howland, and Bob Wooldridge
    February 21 Something
    January 17 Gnome, Past, Present and Future by Jamin P. Gray

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    2001 Presentations

    December 20 Distro Fever
    November 15 Microsoft .NET
    October 18 Cryptography: The Art and Science
    September 20 Thin Clients
    August 16 Jabber: Instant Messaging and Beyond
    July 19 Apache, TUX, and Web Servers on Linux
    June 21 Love, Peace, and Linux - A Perspective from IBM
    May 17 Linux Hardware - Choosing and Using Various Hardware
    April 19 Firewalling with Linux 2.4
    March 15 New Features of the Linux 2.4 Kernel
    February 15 Samba
    January 18 FreeS/WAN and IPsec

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    2000 Presentations

    December 21 Three Dimensional Video Games On Linux
    November 16 A History and Future of Linux (Peter Salus)
    October 19 Linux Laptop Installations
    September 21 Oracle 8i for Linux
    August 17 Linux Certification
    July 20 Compiling the Linux Kernel
    June 13 General Security
    May 18 Linux Thin Client Implementations
    April 20 A Gentle Introduction to Linux/Unix
    March 16 Secure Network Communication with SSH
    February 17 Linux Demo Day
    January 20 Network Management with Linux

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    1999 Presentations

    December 16 Linux Training and Certification
    November 18 The Trials & Joys of Installing Linux
    October 21 Linux RAID
    September 16 Java Swing
    August 19 An Introduction to FreeBSD
    July 15 Securing the Apache Web Server
    June 17 Beyond Simple Web Services
    May 20 VMWare
    April 15 Debian GNU/Linux
    March 18 Firewall Features of the Linux 2.2 Kernel
    February 18 VisualWorks/Smalltalk for Linux
    January 21 LyX the X11 Document Processor

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    1998 Presentations

    December 17 Red Hat Secure Web Server
    November 19 Web Application Development in Perl
    October 15 X Window Desktops
    September 17 X Window Desktops
    August 20 StarOffice
    July 16 Secure Shell
    June 18 Applixware
    May 21 Qmail and Ezmlm
    April 16 Sharing Filesystems between Windows and UNIX using Samba
    March 19 Introduction to Linux-like Environments
    February 19 Basic TCP/IP Networking and Services - Part II
    January 15 JavaBeans

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    1997 Presentations

    December 18 An Introduction to mSQL
    November 20 Networking Basics and More...
    October 16 Getting Started with RedHat Linux
    September 18 Perl
    August 21 Connecting to the Internet with Linux
    July 17 RCS (Revision Control System)
    June 19 Customizing the X Window System
    May 15 Linux As An Intra/Internet Web Server
    April 17 Linux Administration
    March 20 Graphic Tools for Linux
    February 20 The Apache Web Server
    CGI Programming, the Basics 
    January 16 Mathematic Software for Linux

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    1996 Presentations

    December 19 Overview of Window Managers Available For Linux/XFree86
    November 21 Disk Drives 101
    October 17 Network Management
    September 19 Using pppd to connect to the SLUUG BBS
    Loadable Kernel Modules and Kerneld
    August 15 Java: What is all the Excitement About?
    July 18 PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
    June 20 Using Linux in an Internet Firewall Scheme
    May 16 Linux as an Internet Service Provider
    April 18 Linux System Administration
    March 21 The Red Hat Linux Distribution
    February 15 The Products of Yggdrasil
    January 18 Upgrading to ELF
    The Caldera Network Desktop Preview II

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    1995 Presentations

    December 21 Linux Emulators & other nifty Linux apps
    November 16 Building a Linux System from Scratch - Part II
    October 19 Filesystem Structure Standard
    Building a Linux System from Scratch - Part I
    September 21 Creating a Linux Boot/Root Diskette
    August 17 Linux Frontiers
    July 20 The bash & tcsh shells
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