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ONLINE Sessions

  • NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
  • ONLINE sessions will use remote video meeting software on 21 January.
  • Connection Instructions are here and on our mailing lists.

  • openVAS ~ Major Upgrade

    By Tony Zafiropoulos, Systems Engineer, CISA Certified

    OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner) is a full-featured vulnerability scanner. Its capabilities include unauthenticated testing, authenticated testing, various high level and low level Internet and industrial protocols, performance tuning for large-scale scans and a powerful internal programming language to implement any type of vulnerability test.

    Normally an Abstract/Background/Details/History/Outline Summary/Walk-through will be listed when available.

    SLUUG Sponsored meetings in the STL Metro Area

    Monthly Meetings

    The Saint Louis MO, STL Linux Users Group (STLLUG) meets monthly to learn and talk about Linux. This GNU/Linux Users Group usually holds its meetings on the third Thursday of every month. Meetings are free, public and open to all.

    We will continue with our great restaurant location. You can come early, or not; but, we should all wait to order food and drink at the same time.

    We start gathering by 6:30PM and at 6:45PM we start with introductions, announcements, current events of interest, and a general CALL FOR HELP segment. Then we will go into the presentation of our main topic, sometime around or after 7:00PM.

    A SLUUG Special Interest Group

    STLLUG is loosely affiliated with the St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG), as one of its Special Interest Groups (SIG). Under SLUUG care web page support is provided. Individual membership dues, fees or other charges are NOT required. These meetings are free, public and open to all.

    Other independent, loosely affiliated SLUUG sponsored groups:

  • St. Louis Area Computer Club
  • Newcomer Linux Users Group
  • Possible Future Topics

    • Gaming on Linux
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 7.x)
    • CentOS (compatible rebuild of RHEL)
    • iSCSI
    • NoSQL
    • UEFI and efibootmgr
    • BIOS, biosdecode and dmidecode
    • CPU architecures, /proc/cpuinfo, and procinfo
    • Your suggestions?


  • NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
  • ONLINE sessions will use remote video meeting software.
  • Connection Instructions to follow on this web page and our mailing lists.
  • Nick and Elena's Pizzeria
    3007 Woodson Rd, Overland, MO 63114


    Thursday January 21st, 2021

    from 6:30PM till 9:00PM Central Time

    We will open the remote session at about 6:00PM

    Next scheduled meeting dates

    Past meetings

    • 2020
    • 2019
      • 2018
        • 2018-12-20 MySQL Workbench by Lee Lammert, Omnitec
        • 2018-11-15 MO Botanical Gardens GIS (GeoSpacial Info Sys) Applications
        • 2018-10-18 Net Neutrality by Professor Sandra Davidson of Univ Missouri at Columbia
        • 2018-09-20 SLUUG Server and Email Protection by Chuck Doolittle and Lee Lammert
        • 2018-08-16 The SLUUG Server Transition by Chuck Doolittle
        • 2018-07-19 Raspberry Pi mail system by Chuck DooLittle
        • 2018-06-21 Linux Distro Shootout
        • 2018-05-17 Amazon's AWS virtual machines by Stephen Lembark
        • 2018-04-19 X Window and shell productivity automation with AutoKey and XDoTool by Ken Johnson
        • 2018-03-15 Practical applications using git to manage systems by Chuck Doolittle and Lee Lammert
        • 2018-02-15 Private vs. Public Addressing by Dave Forrest
        • 2018-01-18 Bloodhound and GoFetch (Security Tools) by Tony Zafiropoulos, Systems Engineer, CISA Certified
        • 2017
          • 2017-12-21 Kubernetes and Containers by Dave Dickerson
          • 2017-11-16 Exorcising a Badly Managed WordPress Server by Chuck Doolittle and Lee Lammert
          • 2017-10-19 Special Icons, Graphics and Posters by Stan Reichardt
          • 2017-09-21 Real World VOIP by Lee Lammert
          • 2017-08-17 Zoneminder by Ken Johnson
          • 2017-07-20 CyberSecurity Research by Dr. Yi Yang
          • 2017-06-15 My Favorite Commands (with examples!) From Linux Phrasebook, Vol 2 by Scott Granneman
          • 2017-05-18 Kodi (XBMC) Media Center by Robert Gundlach
          • 2017-04-20 Linux on a ChromeBook by Don Ellis
          • 2017-03-16 What is a Firewall? - Andrew Latham
          • 2017-02-16 Comparing Docker Containers in Linux vs MacOS by Mo Hassan of Splunk Inc.
          • 2017-01-19 Linux Mint Transition by Ken Johnson and Linux on the Desktop by Andrew Latham
          • 2016
            • 2016-12-15 Repel Intruders with Fail2ban by Ken Johnson
            • 2016-11-17 Odoo 10 by Andrew Latham
            • 2016-10-20 Using OpenCV on a Raspbery Pi by Lee Lammert
            • 2016-09-15 Intro to VPNs and OpenVPN demo by Chuck Doolittle
            • 2016-08-18 Agile by Craig Bucheck
            • 2016-07-21 Video Editing with Blender by Andrew Latham
            • 2016-06-16 Implementing DNS by Andrew Latham
            • 2016-05-19 DNS Setup by Andrew Latham
            • 2016-04-21 Distributed File System Ceph by Andrew Lathatm
            • 2016-03-17 Compare Linux with Unix-like OSs by David Forrest
            • 2016-02-18 Let's Encrypt ~ Presentation and Installation by Lee Lammert
            • 2016-01-21 First Five Minutes on a System by Andrew Latham
            • 2015
              • 2015-12-17 Firewall for Local and Travel Use Use by David Forrest
              • 2015-11-19 Multiple Topics:
                • LibreOffice Base (free database) by Stan Reichardt
                • FOG Project by Andrew Latham
                • Centreon by Andrew Latham
              • 2015-10-15 Validating and testing your Firewall by Andrew Latham and David Forest
              • 2015-09-17 Odoo Point of Sale by Andrew Latham
              • 2015-08-20 Building SuSE/SLES as a DC in a small network environment
              • 2015-07-19 Complex Containerized Applications by Adam Thornton
              • 2015-06-18 Computer Hardware by Mark Rode
              • 2015-05-21 systemd by Andrew Latham
              • 2015-04-16 Intro to Kali Linux by Tony Zafiropoulos
              • 2015-03-19 How the Web Works (part 2) by Craig Buchek
              • 2015-02-19 Guacamole by Andrew Latham
              • 2015-01-15 Blender by Ed Wehner
            • 2014
              • 2014-12-18 Recycle Your Old Hardware - Everyone
              • 2014-11-20 Proxmox Intro by Andrew Latham
              • 2014-10-16 DIY Mail Server by Ken Johnson
              • 2014-09-18 Graphics with Krita by Scott Petrovic
              • 2014-08-21 Debian by Andrew Latham
              • 2014-07-17 Tweet your PI and other delicious recipes by Lee Lammert
              • 2014-06-19
              • 2014-05-15 Backups by Andrew Latham - Bacula by Ken Johnson
              • 2014-04-17 Fail2ban by Ken Johnson - ISPConfig by Andrew Latham
              • 2014-03-20 Zimbra Mail Server by Jesse Reheme
              • 2014-02-20 Docker by Steven Borelli
              • 2014-01-16 The Internet of Things by Paul Berglund
              • 2013
                • 2013-12-19 rsnapshot by Andrew Latham
                • 2013-11-21 Distro Roundup by Andrew Latham
                • 2013-10-17 Performance Metrics by Steven Lembark
                • 2013-09-19 Post-Strange Loop Dinner with Josh More
                • 2013-08-15 Zentyal Linux by Andrew Latham
                • 2013-07-18 PostgreSQL by Craig Buchek
                • 2013-06-20 To Be Determined by Someone Special
                • 2013-05-16 zFORTH Programming on a Rasberry Pi by Bill Zimmerly
                • 2013-04-18 Android by Charlie Sanders
                • 2013-03-21 Deploying Apache CloudStack from API to UI by Joe Brockmeier
                • 2013-02-21 CANCELLED Due to Bad Weather
                • 2013-01-17 How to Give a Presentation by Craig Buchek
                • 2012
                  • 2012-12-20 Introduction to Apache Hadoop, by Tom Wheeler, Cloudera
                  • 2012-11-15 New Web Technologies: Making the Web Awesome by Craig Buchek
                  • 2012-10-18 Alternate Event/Location - LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) Study Group Session with Scott Granneman
                  • 2012-09-20 Alternate Event/Location - LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) Study Group Session with Scott Granneman
                  • 2012-08-16 Lean Security by Josh More
                  • 2012-07-19 PANEL: Using Social Media to further Linux/FOSS
                  • 2012-06-21 Testing Web Apps with Selenium, Capybara, and Cucumber by Craig Buchek
                  • 2012-05-17 TOPIC1: Fixing Video Configurations by Don Ellis and Lee Lammert TOPIC2: GPU Programming by Jerry Stutte
                  • 2012-04-19 OpenWRT ~ Rebuilding WRT router with Linux by Don Ellis and Lee Lammert
                  • 2012-03-15 openNebula (Xen web management) by Noah Lance
                  • 2012-02-16 Managing Xen on SuSE by Noah Lance
                  • 2012-01-19 GStreamer by Jeff Sigmon
                  • 2011
                    • 2011-12-15 Things you don't learn by having root permissions by Jeff Muse
                    • 2011-11-17 Android Unix, and the emerging age of Ubiquitous Computing by Ryan Withers
                    • 2011-10-20 UNetbootin Install of OpenSuSE 10.4 on Laptops by Don Ellis
                    • 2011-09-15 Machine Vision and Facial Recognition by Chris Leighton
                    • 2011-08-18 Hiatus - No Meeting This Month
                    • 2011-07-21 Package Managers; Yum by Jeff Muse and Apt-get by Craig Buchek
                    • 2011-06-16 Scratch Programing by Someone Special
                    • 2011-05-19 Setting Up Webalizer by Lee Lammert
                    • 2011-04-21 Natural Language Processiing by Kevin Scannell
                    • 2011-03-17 Video Capture and Editing by Noah Lance
                    • 2011-02-17 Linux for Blind Users by Igor Gueths
                    • 2011-01-20 Linux for Blind Users by Igor Gueths MEETING CANCELED DUE TO BAD WEATHER
                    • 2010
                      • 2010-12-16 HAML/SASS/CoffeeScript by Craig Buchek
                      • 2010-11-18 Solaris 11 Express Update by Bob Netherton
                      • 2010-10-21 Postfix by Craig Buchek
                      • 2010-05-20 TBD by Somebody
                      • 2010-06-17 The Open Source Lab at IT Enterprises by William Lemon
                      • 2010-05-20 Backing up a Windows machine to Linux by Lee Lammert
                      • 2010-04-15 How to teach Linux to newbies by Tony Zafiropoulos
                      • 2010-03-18 Bonded NICs by Noah Lance
                      • 2010-02-18 OpenGL - Part Two by Jerry Stutte
                      • 2010-01-21 Amateur Radio and Linux by Bill Zimmerly and Jim Conley
                      • 2009
                        • 2009-12-17 Linlux From Scratch by Robert Hansen
                        • 2009-10-15 Virtual Machine Examples by Carl Fitch and others
                        • 2009-09-17 Redmine by Carl Fitch
                        • 2009-08-20 Git by Craig Buchek
                        • 2009-07-16 OpenGL by Jerry Stutte (Delayed one month)
                        • 2009-06-18 Open Source Licensing by Craig Buchek
                        • 2009-05-21 Patent-Free Codecs (Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, FLAC, Dirac) by Tony Lovasco
                        • 2009-04-16 Open Source on the Desktop: Why Not? by Don Hardaway
                        • 2009-03-19 Bodcasting and New Media by Mike Wilkerson
                        • 2009-02-19 Mozilla-based Apps: Miro, Songbird, Komodo by Craig Buchek
                        • 2009-01-15 Hi-Def and Digital TV by Craig Buchek
                        • 2008
                          • 2008-12-00 Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Drives by Craig Buchek
                          • 2008-11-20 Nexradix Linux by Tony Lovasco
                          • 2008-10-16 The Do Good Gauge by Scott Nesler
                          • 2008-09-18 Review of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Features by Andrew Jensen
                          • 2008-08-21 Open source language technology using statistical methods by Associate Professor Kevin Scannell, PhD.
                          • 2008-07-17 Keyboard Kareoake By Various Members
                          • 2008-06-19 VirtualBox for SuSE and Vista/XP by Lee Lammert and ?? Jeff L.
                          • 2008-05-15 MyThTV by Jason Clark
                          • 2008-04-17 Restructuring Home Telephone Services Don Ellis
                          • 2008-03-20 WINE by Ed Howland
                          • 2008-02-21 Canceled due to winter weather
                          • 2008-01-17 CakePHP and PHPReports by Scott Nesler
                          • 2007
                            • 2007-12-20 PHP Best Practices by Craig Buchek
                            • 2007-11-15 Genetics, DNA, Viruses, Bioinfomatics, Epigenetics, etc. (part 2) by Robert Citek
                            • 2007-10-18 Lotus Notes (Client and Server) on Linux by Mike Wissinger of TeamCentric
                            • 2007-09-20 ZoneMinder - Linux video camera security and surveillance by Simon Amies
                            • 2007-08-16 Podcasting with Audacity by Scott Granneman
                            • 2007-07-19 Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About HDTV by Craig Buchek
                            • 2007-06-21 Physical Computing with Linux by Jason Burke
                            • 2007-05-17 Ubuntu GNU/Linux by To Be Determined
                            • 2007-04-19 New GNU/Linux Distros by Various Members
                            • 2007-03-15 Survey of GUI Email Clients by Craig Buchek
                            • 2007-02-15 Floppy Diskettes by Stan Reichardt
                            • 2007-02-15 Keyboard Time By Various Members
                            • 2007-01-18 Floppy Diskettes by Stan Reichardt
                            • 2006
                              • 2006-12-21 Democracy Player by Craig Buchek
                              • 2006-11-16 Follow-up on Logical Volume Management (LVM) by Jeff Muse
                              • 2006-10-19 Using OpenOffice.org Suite by Stan Reichardt (Alternate)
                              • 2006-10-19 Troubleshooting Linux Problems by Craig Buchek (Tentative)
                              • 2006-10-19 Setting Up an OpenSuSE File Server by Carl Fitch (Tentative)
                              • 2006-09-21 Update on SCO v. IBM Lawsuit by Benjamin White (known as AllParadox)
                              • 2006-08-17 Personal Accomplishments in Open Source JT Moree
                              • 2006-07-20 POWER OUTAGE - NOT DONE - Installing Ubuntu Linux from a Disk Image
                              • 2006-05-18 NOT DONE - PRESENTER CONFLICT - GeeXboX / MythTV / HTPC by Mark Sims
                            • We have been meeting continuously since July 1995.

    Contact us if you have a presentation you would like to have considered for selection.

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