TUX as an FTP Server

Starting with version 2.2.21 of TUX and version 2.4.2-U7 of the TUX patched kernel, TUX can be configured to run as an anonymous FTP server.

To configure TUX as an FTP server, use the following commands:
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/tux/application_protocol
echo 21 > /proc/sys/net/tux/serverport
echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/tux/nonagle
service tux restart

After executing these commands, the TUX FTP server will be running on port 21, serving files from the document root.

To have it display directory listings, run the generatetuxlist script from the FTP docroot. This script creates the files .TUX-LIST and .TUX-NLIST files that cache the directory listing. Everytime the FTP docroot directory changes, the script must be re-run to generate an updated directory listing.


The TUX FTP server has been through numerous stresstests and FTP-client compatibility tests. However, it is still early software. TUX/FTP has no known bugs or security holes at the moment. It has not been tested with a wide number of FTP clients yet (only the most obvious ones).

TUX FTP Server Security Features

The following are security features of the TUX FTP Server: