Chapter 3. Configuration

This chapter describes how to configure the TUX Web Server.

Modes of Operation

The recommended mode of operation is to have TUX running as the main web server and Apache run as the assistant.

For the recommend mode where TUX is the main web server, the configuration for the user-space daemon must be changed to use port 8080. For Apache configuration, the changes are made in the configuration file /etc/apache/conf/httpd.conf by changing the line

Port 80


Port 8080

For security reasons, the line

BindAddress *

should be changed to


This will prevent outside users from accessing Apache directly. You must restart Apache for the changes to take effect with the command /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart.

The alternate mode of operation is to have the user-space daemon such as Apache as the main web server and TUX as the assistant.